We are proud to be a company of Nigerian origin. We are positioned to help you think creatively in order to use Information Systems and Technology to solve complex business challenges. One tension we feel at KKD Consulting is striking a balance between being timely and timeless. In our operations, we seek both timeliness and timelessness. Our solutions are geared towards an unparallel time to market at the same time trusted over ageless period. This is our unique edge.

We are strongly footed in theory through our numerous academic and business researches. We also are experienced in practice bringing to bear over 16 years of industry knowledge and experience in the field of Information Technology and Business management.
To make your IT work for you
We seek to help organizations continuously find better ways of utilizing Information Systems and Technology to deliver on business objectives. We will achieve this through our groundbreaking research in the theory of information systems and business as well as share ideas with you on the practice of aligning your IS with business goals. This, we will deliver to the delight of our customers and other stakeholders.
We create innovations through our resolute belief that "Nothing's Impossible" To achieve the impossible in solving our customers business challenges, we simply keep thinking
  We belief in God to inspire us
We will not stop until you are delighted. We pride ourselves in unparallel customer delight approaches to conducting business. Our internal and external customers will have this to say about us: "We are delighted”

Download our Information Systems assessment studies for Microfinance Banks in Africa.
That ompetitive advantages have been conferred on organizations simply by the use of strategic information systems and these advantages have been shown to impact bottom line?
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